Welcome to Seasons School

cathy-james-1I’m Cathy James, the principal of Seasons School.  I’m the creator of the NurtureStore website, and the author of The Garden Classroom.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree and have over twenty years experience working in the field of education. I’ve worked in a wide variety of settings and with all age groups: from babies, toddlers and preschoolers; through the school ages; to adult learners. I now homeschool my two daughters using my arts-based, child-centred curriculum, following the cycle of the year and learning in connection with nature.

I’m really looking forward to opening Seasons School and welcoming you and your children to join me as we fill our lives with wonder, exploration and discovery.

For a taster of what’s to come, please access the free seasonal resources below and try them out with your children.



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